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by - Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Happy (almost) February! I hope your January was filled with good books, good friends and good chai <3 This monthly wrap-up is rather short because of limited time, but I tried to include the most important things.


Total read: 6
I loved this cute middle-grade story! I'd totally recommend it to girls ages 9 to 12.

I've heard so much about this series and I finally read the first book! I loved how Christy grew spiritually throughout the book, the beach setting, the outfit descriptions, and the Disneyland scene. I didn't like that teenagers so young and far away from marriage kissed. I liked seeing how the different characters reacted to an unexpected death. Warning: There are some teen partying scenes and mature themes. That's why I didn't read it until now. 

I truly enjoyed this World War II Christian Romance! I loved how the main characters weren't the typical super handsome and super gorgeous romance characters. I loved the excitement. I loved the lesson about how much trouble small lies can get you into. I loved the humor. I could've done without all the kissing details, but that's just me. I'd recommend it to girls ages 16+


  • I set up 'author' Facebook and Twitter accounts. I also put together a 'Dawn Chandler' Pinterest board. You can find all the links here.
  • Finished my final edits on the prologue through chapter twelve of Dawn Chandler #1. Eight more chapters to go!
  • Talked to an editor. I should be sending her my book sometime next month or in March.
  • I think I found the perfect cover illustrator. Her art is so beautiful and her prices are better than I expected!
Things are coming closer to an end, and I'm so excited about being a published author soon!

Faith & encouragement-
I realized I sometimes believe the lie that something's wrong with me, I'm not pretty or smart enough, because of the fact that I don't have a boyfriend/no one has asked me to be their girlfriend. That's not true at all. If you're believing that lie please stop now. God created you. You are beautifully & wonderfully made! Stop comparing yourself to others. As two of my friends pointed out, God is probably saving you for the amazing person he has for you! Wouldn't you rather wait for that man than have your heart broken because of premature, short and meaningless relationships?

On another note, I started taking a Perspectives class. We're learning a lot about God's plan for missions by reading the Bible. One point that really stood out was, God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others! (see Genesis 12:2) Just take a moment to think about that, and how it should affect each of our's lives as Christians. 

How was your month? What did you read, write and learn?

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  1. Yesss the monthly wrap-ups are back, baby!! 🙌

    My month was awesome, but I only read one book......AND IT WAS FOR SCHOOL SO IT DOESN’T EVEN COUNT! 😫😭 my TBR is so doomed this year #studentproblems

    1. Yessss!!!

      awwww i would honestly still count school books! don't be too hard on yourself though. there are good reading seasons then there are not lol

  2. Great wrap-up post!
    I am currently reading A Distant Melody! It is so good! ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! & Thanks so much for following my blog <3

  4. EPIC JOB WITH YOUR BOOK!! AHH! So excited for you. :D

  5. Omigosh, Eliza!!!! You're so close to being a published author, and that is so amazing! So happy for you! I have had to put those dreams aside for now, because of work and college.

    HOW did you manage to read 6 books?? Like Brittany, I managed to read a grand total of 1 lol

    And let me tell you as someone who has been in an almost relationship, it is not worth the heartbreak and baggage that comes with a breakup even though that experience taught me valuable lessons.

    1. Thanks!!! I totally understand. I saw myself being done with this book years ago then school and life happened and I had to put that dream on hold. I struggled with it a little bit, but really it was totally okay :)

      SINCE you asked (lol don't know if you actually wanted an explanation)... One book I started reading to the twins back in November, two were audio books, two were fairly short and I literally just brought books with me everywhere and tried to read every spare moment INSTEAD of checking social media (I didn't always succeed). Also, I tried to listen to audiobooks at least half of the times I was in the car by myself or doing chores. What did you read?

      Thanks for the encouragement <3 I've had some minor or at least one of those experiences too. It was hard, but I definitely did learn valuable lessons and surely, despite the pain, that was all part of God's perfect plan.

    2. I read Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. It's fantasy.

    3. Ugh, I feel you, Clarissa. I had a weird relationship too and it caused me a lot of weird and negative emotions. <3

  6. Such exciting writing news!! And so true. It’s better to wait on His plan and timing than get discouraged because it hasn’t happened yet. Thank you for sharing! <3